Today, I am here mapping out the one and only path that lead me to the most underrated, yet most elevated level of a woman’s femininity. Feel it in your gut, with certainty… there is only one way to go… and one we have been, are, and will perpetually be at each and every stage of our life. The perpetual warrior who from her gut to her brain, her libido, her waistline, her legs, her breasts, and every part of her sensuality… only experiences an elevation in her femininity when becoming LA FEMME

The Guide to being One Femme, One Vraie!

1. Follow your GUT, that Bitch is always right
2. Heal and balance your gut, you need it to keep things nice and high
3. Love yourself, celebrate your femininity, your sexual being
4. Do the things you love and that make you feel beautiful
5. Get La*d
6. Be nice to yourself, appreciate yourself, be your own best friend
7. Get La*d
8. Change your image into the femme you feel the most attractive as
9. Don’t do things you loathe, or be with people who bring you down, or don’t see you
10. Remember health, sex, and happiness start in the gut, and the gut lasts till the day we die

With Love,

Trishy Jacob