I’ve had a passion for nutrition and wellness since I was a teenager. It rivaled my passion for wanting to be in Television. Ultimately, a journalism and broadcast, turned marketing communications career won out, but my passion was so strong, it wore off on my little sister who got her MS and became a Clinical Dietitian. It also paralleled my lifelong quest of working on my health and body and trying to find the secret sauce to feeling and looking my best. 

I have always been an athlete, whether ice skating, dancing, volleyball, softball, kiteboarding, or tennis, competing and chasing a ball was the only way I wanted to move my body. So I learned very early on how to use food, fad diets, the latest health craze and later biohacking to control my weight. But as I had babies, my hormones changed. I still wanted to continue to enjoy a life full of travel, socializing and great food and wine, but it became harder and harder to lose the baby weight and find motivation without results. When I injured myself on the tennis court and had back surgery, I really had to look to my learnings on controlling my weight through food, but not in the counting calories way that is so restricting because that didn’t work for my lifestyle. Thus, the biohacking phase and intermittent fasting with butter and MCT oil in my coffee entered into play. But eventually that stopped working for my body too and my blood work got a little whacky with high HDL numbers. Then when I was at my all time highest weight, I learned about Net Carbs. This made sense to me because I knew fiber was important for my health. I introduced fiber powders, collagen and all kinds of alternative sugars and fibers to keep my net carbs low. I started calculating the foods I was putting in my body. I was eating fake foods again for the first time since the fat free Snackwell phase in high school and college. I lost weight at first, but then started bloating and putting on weight in my stomach which had never been a problem area for me. Something had to change. 

Several years prior to this in 2015, I learned about prebiotic fiber, having never heard the word PREbiotic before, only probiotic. I had a friend who had passed away and in trying to understand the neurodegenerative disease that ultimately took his life, I went to holistic seminars and wellness talks and learned about the brain gut connection and the guts connection to disease. I’ll never forget sitting in a local seminar with his widow and writing down Jerusalem Artichoke Root, the purest and best form of prebiotic you can get. The slide said, “prebiotic fiber is the gateway to your gut health”. This made sense to me, but it was not easy, in fact it was impossible to find this root fiber. So I stashed this nugget of info away on the back burner.

So here I am in 2018 at an all time unhappy, unhealthy, larger than I’ve ever been (minus while pregnant), counting net carbs, cutting my protein intake and watching the scale go up, when suddenly the side door opens. I find The Skinny Confidential and a woman named Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny of Gangster Chic brand talking about inulin fiber coffee, and a light bulb went off. This was my answer to finding pure Jerusalem Artichoke Root in the form of a convenient powder. I reached out to Ingrid and I can pretty much say the rest is history. She told me to listen to one of her podcast (#12) about estrogen dominance, hormones and the importance of eating real foods. She suggested I cut all the fake gums and sugars out because they mimic estrogen in your body. She explained symbiotic therapy (pre and probiotics through food sources), and most importantly, listening to your intuition and living your life to the fullest, no restrictions, no regrets. Embracing this way of living, making inulin fiber a consistent part of my day (x2 a day) and finding results from a woman who enjoys fine tequila and la piscine de champagne (her chic french name for it of course) as much as I do, is my tried and true answer to side door living. I have now turned 50 and after four years on this journey, I’ve arrived at the best, most fabulous me I can be - from the inside out. At a time when society tells me I should be going the other way and the M word comes to mind, I say f*ck that. Instead… hello Sexy and hello Le Femme!

With love and gratitude for being able to share this with you,


Trish Jacob