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GANGSTER CHIC Magic Lip Chic Tint

GANGSTER CHIC Magic Lip Chic Tint

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with Organic Aloe Vera, Jojoba Butter, Essential Oils from Morocco.   The Chic & Luxe Rose Gold accented Lipstick tube with 2 top and bottom Mirrored Facets you can use to apply your lip tint with a visual.

The Pure Organic ALOE VERA, the PURE RICH JOJOBA butter and Essential Oils contain active ingredients, which provide a natural rosy pigment, while providing repairing, moisturizing, softening and anti-wrinkle properties. Odorless & Tasteless. Safe to use while pregnant.

Long Lasting, Waterproof Naturally Flattering Lip Tint

✰ NATURAL CARE: Composed of pure natural botanical ingredients. It is rich in aloe vera moisturizing ingredients, which effectively improve the dryness and peeling of the lips. Treats chapped lips. Soothes chapped lips, Softens the skin, defines the lip & its contour, adds softness & elasticity, thanks to the pure moisturizing ingredients.

✰ COLOR CHANGE: Naturally occurring lip color change on skin contact: enhances your skin pigment naturally to its rosier deeper hue. Activated with human body temperature and skin pH value of lips. From the first layer application you will get a light pigmented rosy hue to a second, and third application for a deeper hue.
You adjust the depth of your color. The pigment obtained varies according to skin ph, skin type and skin tone.  

✰ SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES: 100%  Certified Organic Lip Moisturizer. Nourishing lip butter perfect for all ages, it will treat dry lips, chapped lips.

✰ PROFESSIONAL & PERSONAL USE: while it is great for personal use and originally formulated to withstand the wearing of the traditional muslim hijab by moroccan women, this formula is coveted by professionals for long lasting colored lips for the bride, to the performer, or the professional athlete, aquatic performer or dancer. It is very adequate to withstand the use of face masks too. 

✰ SMOOTH LIP BALM: One layer of this conditioning lip treatment leaves your lips feeling smooth and naturally rosy/light cherry pigment. 

✰ COLOR INTENSITY under control: You choose the intensity of the color you want. By applying more or less Magic LipChic you can get a deeper Rosy/Cherry Hue. 

❥❥❥ The Soft and light texture, refreshing and non-greasy, suitable for all seasons.
❥❥❥ The color changes with body temperature and lip pH to create a rosier deeper  version of your own natural pigment
❥❥❥The Long Lasting pigmentation of the lip will stay on for hours, whether you drink, eat or wear a face mask. You may even wake up to a light pigmentation leftover after a night's sleep. 
❥❥❥LIP CHIC Contains all natural, pure and purely sourced Morroccan ingredients to hydrate lips, lock in moisture, keep lips vibrant & hydrated.

Our Magic LIP CHIC from Morocco is 100% from organic botanical ingredients harvested, and prepared in Morocco by the Berber Women Co-Operative. It is a natural product from traditional artisanal moroccan beauty used by the berber women for centuries. 

Where to start?

Well, always incorporate Simply Inulin into a healthy diet of whole foods that already contain natural dietary fiber, rather than only relying on a supplement. Simply Inulin should be the chic cherry on top of your healthy, sexy whole & natural food-focused nutrition. 

How to use?

The recommended dosage to begin usage of Simply Inulin is 1/2 tsp per serving, to allow your body to comfortably adjust to the prebiotic. As your body is comfortable, gradually increase your serving amount. Simply Inulin is a wonderful addition to your morning coffee, tea or hot water, and lemon. 


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