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500 ml  

Simply Inulin is an all-natural, organic, non-GMO prebiotic powder made from pure organic 100% Jerusalem Artichoke Root, one of the best-known sources of true dietary fiber. This pure, organically sourced prebiotic fiber is organically sourced and manufactured in Germany, which is upheld to the GMP for the highest standards of processing and quality control. This vegan-friendly prebiotic dietary fiber is such an in-demand item for a number of reasons due to its premium quality and health benefits delivered with consistent usage. 
Simply Inulin acts as a gentle, gradual "street-sweeper" for your lower gastrointestinal tract - the prebiotic properties of the fiber feed the good gut bacteria, and help balance out and eliminate overgrowth of any imbalances of bad gut bacteria. This function is especially fantastic for people who experience that constant lower belly bloat, digestive distress & bloating after eating, or difficulty staying regular and keeping things moving without feeling backed up. 

Simply Inulin has also been shown to have additional benefits like assisting in reducing inflammation and that "fluffy" feeling of body composition, as well as assisting in hormonal imbalances and inflammatory skin issues such as rosacea, dermatitis, and also promotes healthy hair & nail growth. The consistent daily use of Simply Inulin may also aid in weight loss, due to the satiation properties of the fiber curbing the urge to mindlessly snack.

Where to start?

Well, always incorporate Simply Inulin into a healthy diet of whole foods that already contain natural dietary fiber, rather than only relying on a supplement. Simply Inulin should be the chic cherry on top of your healthy, sexy whole & natural food-focused nutrition. 

How to use?

The recommended dosage to begin usage of Simply Inulin is 1/2 tsp per serving, to allow your body to comfortably adjust to the prebiotic. As your body is comfortable, gradually increase your serving amount. Simply Inulin is a wonderful addition to your morning coffee, tea or hot water, and lemon. 


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